Originally from Wayne, Pennsylvania, Todd received his degree in Communications from Lynchburg College in Virginia. After graduating from college, Todd took a job as a traveling portrait photographer. His travels led him to various diverse locations where he discovered new environments to explore and photograph. One day while walking through Philadelphia in the rain he noticed oil leaking from a car engine and the resulting oil slick it produced on the wet pavement. He was entranced by the intricate shapes and multitude of colors. As these fragile and unique patterns do not last long, it’s important to Todd to capture and share these moments with the world. These resulting images are the foundation for his photographic series titled “Oil on Pavement”.  Many of these acclaimed images have been shown in numerous galleries in Philadelphia PA, Wilmington DE, and Colorado.  Todd is also a professional outdoors, travel, and street photographer whose images bring a unique abstract perspective.

Beyond his various photographic projects, Todd is also an accomplished self-taught painter, working primarily in the style termed “Organic Abstraction”.  These paintings study dynamic lines and result in surprising collisions of contrasting colors in the dimensions they create. Todd likes to use dark backgrounds to create a feeling of being surrounded by darkness and unknown, against which he brings colors and shapes to lead the viewer into a new light of discovery and wonder. Todd utilizes a variety of mediums to create his unique works of art including oils, acrylics, ink, enamel, and epoxy resin. In addition, many of his works include mixed media such as shards of glass, mirrors, pebbles, wood, fabrics, tiles, ink, motor oil, gravestone rubbings, coins, jewelry, metal, wire, and flowers. Using a creative array of tools including brushes, knives, pins, q-tips, spatulas, and toothbrushes, Todd is able to create diverse textures, patterns, and layers.

His wide range of influences include music, art, nature, travel, and philosophy. Todd’s unique style, perspective, and creative imagination capture the evocative moment and illuminate the mundane. Todd’s intention is to create a spontaneous visual journey for the eye. Instead of philosophical interpretation, Todd wants the viewer to have freedom to roam the canvas and photograph at their own pace. He likens the visual experience to listening to jazz or ambient music, which is a free flowing expression that allows colors, textures, and patterns to elicit an emotional organic response.

Acknowledging that the viewer’s experience creates their own interpretation, the genesis of each painting and photograph is spontaneous and he is never quite sure how the piece will look upon completion. This spontaneous approach stems from his belief of being free from preset visualization to allow the piece to unfold within it’s own creative flow. With his unique style, perspective, and creative imagination in both his art, Todd  offers an original body of work.  His art is a reminder to live in the now and to enjoy the journey; a metaphor for exploring the jagged uncertainty of life.